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SP - grids

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26.1Grates welded to the method of the “electric resistance contact welding” are designated "SP", which comes from the German word "Schweißpreß". The so called "SP" grates are produced in compliance with the DIN 24537 standard. They consist of a bearing bar, a twisted four-sided reinforcing support, resistance welded to the steel bearing bars by exerting pressure. This type of grates can be supplied framed and unframed. They are appropriate for different applications, and namely in structures in the field of machine-building and power industry, and their greatest advantage consists in the possibility for changing the form and the dimensions in-situ, even without subsequent additional framing, although, according to RAL GZ-638, the grate will be framed with a bar at each cutting operation (modification) (this is not applicable when shortening in a longitudinal direction or reducing grate widths).
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Axial spacing of the mesh – options for the axial spacing at the bearing bars A = 20.77 mm; 23.69 mm; 30.15mm; 34.3 mm; 41.45 mm; options for the axial spacing at the supports (twisted square) B = 19.25 mm; 24 mm; 38.1 mm; 50.8 mm; 76.2 mm; 101.6 mm;


The grates of the "SP" type are manufactured according to the above method in the so called “fixtures” with the following basic dimensions – non-bearing width: 1,000 mm and bearing length: 6,100 mm.
After that these intermediate products are used in further technological production processes for grates with specific dimensions and forms specified by the customer, framed or unframed, with or without additional safety boards and antislip bars.



    • Maintenance platforms and foot bridges in structures in the field of machine-building and power industry
    • Pedestrian surfaces of pipelines and tanks
    • Pedestrian bridge lanes and foot bridges
    • Lids for ducts and manholes
    • Lids for ventilation openings in cellars and pits and foot bridges at chimneys
    • Cleaning places in industrial or commercial areas
    • Foot bridges at chimneys
    • GSM transmitter platforms