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Techexim Ltd.

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page1_img1Techexim Ltd. has been established as an entity with a decision of the Sofia City Court on January 20th, 1992. The main objects of activity of the company are engineering services, design, supply and installation of equipment, spare parts and materials for the power industry, the chemical and cement industry; provision of administrative and legal services for foreign companies building complete sites in the country. During the last 12 years, Techexim Ltd. has actively collaborated with German companies building complete sites in the country.
1. Desulphurization plants for units No. 7 and 8 of the Maritsa Iztok 2 CHP built by the Klöckner Industrie Anlagen GmbH/ SHU GmbH Consortium – the town of Duisburg.
2. Treatment plant of the Cumerio Med company in the town of Pirdop executed by the Lurgi companies.
3. Collaboration with the “DSD – RWE” and “Enel – Е & Z” Consortiums, which have executed rehabilitation of the Maritsa Iztok 3 CHP.
4. Joint activities are executed together with the German Consortium RWE NUKEM – GNB on construction of a spent fuel storage for the “Kozloduy” NPP.
5. Jointly with the German company SAG, the company currently executes construction works for a 400 kW pipeline which connects Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.br />
1.Slovak Power Works AD from the town of Tulmache, The Slovak Republic. The company is a manufacturer of power equipment for the classic power industry.
2. A Contract for representation of the Czech company „Modranska patrubna” – a manufacturer of industrial fittings.
The other partners of the company are engineering companies and manufacturers of equipment and spare parts from the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Russia and Germany.
In addition, Techexim Ltd. also offers a number of administrative services for foreign companies building complete plants in the Republic of Bulgaria.